Pete Beckett (born 1961) is a British artist based on the borders of Cheshire and Shropshire.
He predominantly specialises in painting landscapes with a variety of approaches, ranging from representative to abstract. Some past work has also included figurative, bird and animal life and still life subjects.

Having travelled extensively, his inspiration comes from many different sources, always aiming to catch the mood and colour of a place, ideally held special in our mind's eye.
Artist’s statement: “Having drawn and painted since school days (a long time ago), I still find the process of learning very exciting. Each new painting is a completely original experience of creating an image which evolves and aims to strike a chord. Putting enough paint down to draw the observer into a picture needs to be weighed up with the intention of not over-finishing a piece. In this way, the observer can put their own interpretation on the image and unlock that recognition of place without nature being copied.”

His paintings are enjoyed by private and corporate collectors in England, Wales, France, Belgium, Cyprus, America, Australia and New Zealand.