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Pete Beckett is a British artist, born and living in Cheshire.
He paints with oil and with acrylic paints and mainly specialises in landscapes.
A variety of approaches, ranging from representative to abstract, are taken. Some recent work has also included figurative, birds, African animals and still-life subjects.
Having travelled extensively, his inspiration comes from many different first-hand sources, always aiming to catch the mood and colour of a place, ideally sparking some special recognition in the mind's eye of the viewer.
During lock-down, Pete enjoyed being part of The Artist's Support Pledge.

Please take a look at the range of paintings created over the last few years in the different galleries of this website.

If you would like to hear about upcoming exhibitions or would like to visit his studio, please contact him directly on 07921 788 341 or by email (
Artist’s statement:
“Having drawn and painted since my school days, I still find the process of continuing to learn and experiment with paint very exciting.
Each new creation is a completely original experience of capturing an image which evolves and aims to strike a chord. Putting enough paint down to draw the observer into a picture needs to be weighed up with the intention of not over-finishing a piece. In this way, the observer can put their own interpretation on the image and unlock that recognition of a place or situation without nature being copied.”

His paintings are enjoyed by private and corporate collectors in England, Wales, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Cyprus, America, Australia and New Zealand.

He is open to suggestions for any new corporate hanging possibilities.

Some recent paintings will be exhibited at The Sicily Oak Gallery, Cheshire SY14 8HG from 25th April to 5th May. Viewing open daily from 10am to 6pm.

Solo Exhibitions
324 Kings Road, London SW3 2024
E Bulmer Paint Showroom, London SW1 2022
Old Brompton Gallery, London SW5 2018
The Granary Gallery, Weston Park 2010
Cundy Street, London SW1 2001

Shared Exhibitions
British Art Portfolio 2024
Collingham Gardens, London SW5 2023
Mall Galleries 2022
Memories, Willey Park 2022
S Samuels Fine Art Gallery, Chester 2020
Malfest Arts and Literary Festival 2019
British Art Portfolio 2018
Art Hub, Cheshire 2018
Art for Youth, Hertford, Cheshire 2014
Granary Gallery, Weston Park 2012

'Artist of the year based in Staffordshire/Cheshire/Shropshire' from The Granary Gallery, Weston Park 2012

(u)Corporate Hanging(/u)
Close Brothers Asset Management 2021 / 22